The world of PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has become very complex and many times misleading or at best confusing. I am Chris Cane and I’ve been involved in the world of PEMF for nearly twenty years. I sold my first Curatron 2000 System in May of 2000. When I started I thought it might be snake oil so I remained quite guarded for a year or so. As time went by, my confidence in the Curatron and the amazing support I was receiving from the folks at the factory in Israel and I soon became a true believer. As we first entered this now crowded market, the competitors were very few and the demand for PEMF products was very low. Nobody knew about PEMF and as a result, the challenge then was the education of our potential customers. The field very soon became fraught with charlatans and snake oil sales people who were promising the world, delivering nothing and introducing doubt that caused concern within the customer base. These people or types of people are still here today and will likely exist forever.

Today there are a lot of companies offering to take your money and some will actually deliver products that will help or at least help a little bit. Many of the available systems do nothing or even less than nothing and can give the field a bad name. The Curatron family has remained steadfast, hardworking and still offers the highest power systems for electronic FLASH or Impulse (Ringer) Systems

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